Aikido Tendokai Introduction

What does Tendokai mean?

Tendo means way of heaven, Kai means association. We use “Tendokai” to honour O-Sensei’s high spiritual ideals.

About our dojo

Aikido Tendokai was established in 1992 and is a member of the Ontario Aikido Federation (OAF), the Canadian Aikido Federation (CAF) and is affiliated with Hombu (Aikikai). Our chief instructor is Yumi Nakamura Sensei, ranked Rokudan (sixth-degree black belt). She trained in Japan, and has practiced for more than 40 years. Other Tendokai instructors include Rob Carroll Sensei – Godan (fifth-degree black belt). To see a full list of Aikido Tendokai’s instructors, visit the our instructors section of this website.

Aikido Tendokai is always open to accept both new students and the experienced Aikidoist. If you have any questions about class times or about our dojo, please contact us at any time.

Aikido Tendokai is a not for profit organization.

Aikido Tendokai 2012 video with Yumi Nakamura Sensei and Rob Carroll Sensei…