Aikido Tendokai Beginners Program

Aikido Tendokai welcomes beginners at any time. You can drop by our dojo to watch a class or try one first-hand. We encourage you to contact us first before you come to try our basic class.

Any person of either gender can try the classes, provided that they have a sincere desire to learn and no health problems that would interfere with practice or their well-being.

At first, our instructors will work with you within your level of comfort, until you are ready to practice with others in a safe manner.Your safety is always a top priority.

What do I need for practice?

An ordinary white judo or karate uniform is all that is required. A trial class can be taken in any loose clothing which covers the knees and elbows and has no buckles, such as a sweat suit.

When are the basic classes?

Aikido Tendokai has several basic classes (beginner’s class) during the week that you can participate in. View our class schedule for more details.

What are the membership fees?

One free trial class.

Our new member’s fee is $200.00 for 3 months adult or $140.00 for 3 months full-time student that includes the CAF annual membership fee. To see a full list of our fees, visit the membership fees section of this website.

Aikido Tendokai New Years Special Offer. Register for the three-month introductory membership and get the fourth month free!
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